We offer Services of Exporting cows, sheeps and other animals.

Dairy Heifers for Sale

Mega Livestock Farmers is best in milk-producing cows for sale specially Pregnant Heifers (1 to 4 months of pregnancy). Our heifers include 4 to 6 months and 6 Year old Jersey for sale. Our prices are highly competitive, so you can get a great deal on heifers that are healthy and hardy.

Following Breeds of Milk Producing Cows/ Bulls/ Steers for Sale

Our Calves/ Ayrshire cow, /Brown Swiss cow, Guernsey cow,/Jersey cow/ Holstein cow for sale. We carefully bred, monitored, and tested for disease and health risks before they are made available for sale. This ensures that you get the best quality animals along with our full support

  • Pregnant Heifers
  • Calves (Bottle-feeding calves, older calves)
  • Ayrshire cow
  • Brown Swiss cow
  • Guernsey cow
  • Jersey cow
  • Holstein Friesian cow

Milk Producing Goats for Sale

Our goats are carefully selected and bred for their superior milk yields and excellent health. This ensures that you get only the finest quality goat milk every time.

  • Alpines
  • Oberhaslis
  • LaManchas
  • Toggenburgs
  • Guernsey cow
  • Anglo-Nubians
  • Nigerian Dwarf goats

Irish Friesian, Swedish Red, and Jersey Breeding Cows for Sale.

Mega Livestock Farmers is a US-based farming business that specializes in producing top-quality breeding cows like Irish Friesian, Swedish Red, and Jersey. With our 10+ years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to provide the best cows for your farm. Our Irish Friesian, Swedish Red, and Jersey Breeding Cows for Sale.

Black Cow for sale
Black and white Cow for sale
Cows of different breeds for sale