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Calves for Sale

Your search for Dairy Calves for Sale ends here. The foundations for successful dairy cattle farming are laid when calves are reared. Science and practice teach us that what calves consume in the first few months of life, especially during their very first weeks, has an effect on their later performance as dairy cows and productive lifetime.
Only healthy, very well-fed calves can grow into dairy cows that will produce high yields for a long time.

Jersey calves for sale

  • 2 months old

Our Jersey calves for sale are raised in a well-maintained and secure environment to ensure maximum health, hygiene, and safety. We use advanced genetic management techniques to ensure that our calves are of the highest quality.

Jersey cows for sale
Jersey calves for sale

Holstein calves for sale.

  • 2 to 5 months old
  1. Our Holstein calves for sale are carefully bred and raised with the highest standards of quality. Our selection of breeds includes some of the best lines in the world, such as Jerseys, Guernseys, Brown Swiss, Angus, and more.
Holstein calves for sale
Black and White Cow for Sale