We offer Services of Exporting cows, sheeps and other animals.

Brown cows for sale in bulk We Have Finest Quality of Goats , Sheep & Cattle Our Products Fresh and fertilized eggs available 10 years of experience Our Services About Goats and there Breeds OSTRICH CHICKS/EMU CHICKS/EGGS With a 3000 acres of land

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MEGA LIVE STOCK FARMERS  is a registered livestock farm standing on 3000 acres of free space that breed and supply pure-bred dairy cattle, 100% full blood Dairy Goats, 100% pure-bred Dairy Sheep and farm birds like Ostriches and Emus(Fresh and fertilized eggs available). We have over 10 years of experience and expertise so we produce the finest quality of Livestock. Cow, Sheep, Cattle, Goat for sale Online with excellent genetics and high-quality milk production.

Dairy Heafers for Sale

We have dairy cows, bulls, and calves. Following are species of milk-producing cows for sale. Pregnant Heifers (1 to 4 months of pregnancy), Calves, Ayrshire cow, Brown Swiss cow, Guernsey cow, Jersey cow, Holstein cow. 4 to 6 months old bred heifers available for sale

About Goats and there Breeds

We have the following species of milk-producing goats for sale.
Alpines, Oberhaslis, Saanens,Toggenburgs, LaManchas, Anglo-Nubians, kalahari goat, saanen goat, and boer goat for sale. 

Sheeps of Different Breeds for sale
We have principally four dairy sheep breeds East Friesian sheep, Lacaune, Fat-tailed Awassi Sheep, Assaf for sale

Why Choose Us?

Cows for Sale
Sheeps for sale in bulk
White Sheeps for sale

10 Years of Experience

We have 10 years of experience in dairy farming which has been part of agriculture. Our dairy cows, sheep and goats are bred specifically to produce large quantities of milk, then supplied to countries worldwide.

Farmer Specialists

We are specialized farmers in livestock especially dairy cattles and also some chicken eggs and ostriches.

Honest and Dependable

We are reliable, defined as consistently good in quality of all our dairy cattles or performances, and able to be trusted.

Ostrich Chicks / Emu Chicks / Eggs

Ostrich Chicks / Emu Chicks / Eggs

We farm and breed top quality Ostrich chicks/Emu chicks and eggs of various species for those of you that want to incubate and hatch yours by themselves. Our hatching eggs for sale are of the highest quality!
The quality of the hatching eggs is excellent and we have recorded up to 98% hatch rates in our sure hatch Egg incubators using these fertile ostrich eggs/emu eggs.
Our chicks are also from a good bloodline for breeding with high yields and a low mortality rate. Our chicks come after second vaccines and with a guaranteed health and propensity for breeding.

We can supply any quantity requested. We have dairy cows, bulls and calves.

We have dairy cows, bulls and calves. We have the following species of milk producing cows for sale. Pregnant Heifers(1 to 4 months of pregnancy), Calves.

Brown chicks for sale

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    Talented Landscapers

    They completed the job on time and it looked better than what we expected. We feel very satisfied. Recommended Mega livestock farmers company

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    Excellent job, excellent workmanship

    Thanks to mega livestock I now own a beautiful dairy farm in Zambia, they are fast and professional with healthy animals

    Sitwalla Bornwell


    Great ! Finest Quality of Sheep and cows

    Mega livestock farmers helped me transform my dated, patchwork front yard into an inviting. That's Great!

    Muhamed Adil